Sunday, January 5, 2020

Resolving Employee Conflicts - Spark Hire

Resolving Employee Conflicts - Spark HireSo youre in your arbeitszimmer, working on important human resources business, when all of a sudden you hear shouting coming from outside your glass windows. You walk out to see Joe and Joanne fighting over a stapler, but its clear that this is about much more than a stapler. Years of submersed minor conflicts between the two have erupted in this battle over one of many unused staplers. What do you do to resolve this?For the sake of useful advice, the stapler employee conflict leaves one of the two parties in the wrong. But you cant just call someone out on it without hearing both sides of the story, so get the two in an isolated room. If they get irrational and say they are going to hash it out right there on the office floor, remind them that they are not in their homes and are in a professional place.So youveisolated the employee conflict and the rest of the employees can get back to work now its time to resolve this. You sit both employees down across from one another and set the story straight. Listen to the facts and judge for yourself who is right and who is wrong, but dont go by opinion. You have to settle this by the book without any bias so that none of them can say you are picking sides which can create problems further down the road. Once you decide who is right and who is wrong, the argument is settled. If the loser is still unhappy and causing trouble, tell them to get a grip or go home and wait for you to call him or her back. That should quiet them down.Now that theyre calm, you have to reprimand both of them. Itdoesntmatter who is right and who is wrong, they were both disrupting the professional work place and need to be reminded of proper office etiquette. They dont need to be punished (unless it got really out of hand) but a slap on the wrist is the way to go.The key to resolving employee conflicts is to first isolate the situation. Then you have to resolve the situation and finally reprimand both par ties. Thats the best way to resolve these employee conflicts with as little trouble as possible.Have you ever had a situation occur in your office like the one described above? Tell us how you handled it or would handle it in the commentsIMAGE Courtesy of Flickr bytanakawho

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

What Exactly Is a Green-Collar Job

What Exactly Is a Green-Collar JobWhat Exactly Is a Green-Collar JobIts a hot buzzword, but whats a real green-collar job?In the heart of this recession, with unemployment soaring and traditional jobs being exported overseas, the hot buzzword in the careers arena is green. Green-collar jobs are being talked about everywhere.The current administration is hoping that the emergence of green jobs will be a major economic stimulus. But is the hype over green jobs creating false hope with unrealistic expectations?Lets examine that question from four different points of view.1. EntrepreneurGayle Oliver-Plath, founder/CEO of CareerEco, a green job-search community, looks at green jobs as any positions that can help reverse negative environmental impact or provide environmental sustainability.2. CorporationFor corporate management, a very pragmatic overview of green jobs, products and services is that they should be focused on providing effective performance while reducing or reversing ecolog ical impact, sustaining the environment and maximizing the productive and responsible use of natural resources.3. GovernmentVP Joe Bidens task force identifies green jobs on in this way Green jobs are jobs that provide products and services which use renewable energy resources, reduce pollution, conserve energy and natural resources and reconstitute waste.4. AuthorCarol McClelland, executive director of Green Career Central and author of the forthcoming book Green Careers for Dummies, goes a step further and looks at green jobs through a series of goals, which I like very much. A green jobGenerates and uses clean, renewable energy.Lowers greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.Conserves energy, water and natural resources.Minimizes and reuses waste.Decreases the use of hazardous materials as inputs and outputs.Promotes biodiversity and restore ecosystems.Remediates/reverses/minimizes human impact on the planet.I have just scratched the surface with unterstellung defini tions of green jobs and careers. Simply stated, however, this burst of interest underscores the fact that our nation is just beginning to define this new world and approach a consensus on what it includes. Our understanding will continue to evolve as we rapidly become mora environmentally conscious.Employers lure job seekers with green idealsAccording to CareerEcos Plath, businesses must ultimately adapt to new environmental technologies and consciousness to hold the interest of job seekers, especially as the economy revives. If they do not, they will fail to be competitive in the jobs marketplace for talent that embraces sustainability. She is right on target. And this is relevant to each and every industry, not just the new, green ones.Every industry is green, not just energyAre there green job opportunities out there? You bet Most people think in terms of jobs in energy industries like biofuels, wind, solar and hydro. Without question, job opportunities exist in those industries. However, just about every industry is thinking green, which opens up green jobs within those industries.Dave Sanders, managing partner of global search firm WorldBridge Partners and practice leader for clean technology, said that there is an emerging need in major corporations for people who understand the business issues surrounding going green and who can help identify ways those companies can maximize profits and mitigate risks. Opportunities abound for energy-efficient data centers and lighting, and companies want to eliminate processes that waste energy. Here is just one simple example accountants. Can bean counters really be green? Absolutely With emerging emphasis and growth on cap-and-trade initiatives, there is a demand for accountants who can perform the internal environmental audits within every company and industry.The growth of green opportunities is projected to be vast. Here are a few jobs compiled by The Green Economy Post that have a green impactEmissions traderCli matologist/environmental meteorologistCorporate social responsibility professionalSolar installationGreen jobs are even expanding into state and local governments. Take a look at what The Sierra Club is doing through their Cool Cities initiatives, and consider how your role may fit into these types of initiatives.Now that you can see the opportunities in green careers, how do you transition and make yourself marketable for a green job? In next months article, we will cover all the tactics on how to land a job in the new world of green opportunities.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

What Your Company Needs to Know About Automated Financial Systems

What Your Company Needs to Know About Automated Financial SystemsWhat Your Company Needs to Know About Automated Financial SystemsTechnological advances in recent years have not bypassed finance and accounting. On the contrary, theyve played a significant role in changing business dynamics.Many companies are considering a shift to automated financial systems to better handle complex processes. Automated financial systems can streamline processes, help an organization meet its overall goals, and, ultimately, save time and money.In Benchmarking the Accounting and Finance Function 2014 from Robert Half and Financial Executives Research Foundation (FERF), 24 percent of U.S. executives said they use third-party software for account reconciliation, more than double the number in last years survey. An additional 16 percent of respondents said they use an internally developed tool.There are several reasons for businesses to consider switching from manual processesto an automated financial s ystem, includingNew and emerging regulationsEvolving technologyCompany growthIn general, the benefits outweigh the possible disadvantages of moving toward adopting automated financial systems.The benefitsThis schrift of automation can help an organizationQuickly assemble reports and balance sheetsEliminate lengthy manual reconciliation of accountsControl information flow across the companyFacilitate efficient communication between departmentsImmediately access informationFree up employees to devote more time to other tasksReduce errors due to multiple data entry pointsThe potential drawbacksBecause theyre not perfect, these systems do come with some potential downsides. These includeTime required to train management and key users on the new systemCost of system software and trainingPotential security concerns of cloud-based systems Transitioning to an automated financial systemIf youve determined that shifting to an automated financial system is the right move for your business, ge t started with these five steps.Identify the key employees who will be involved in the transition, including those who will be trained first and those who will assist with the training.Consider which processes will be streamlined by adopting an automated financial system and which ones may mucksmuschenstill benefit from manual work.Make a rollout plan. Consider which staff members will need to take time away from their normal duties to assist with the implementation.Put your implementation plan into action. Expect some snags as employees get used to the new system, and emphasize the importance of accuracy during the transition.Continually evaluate the results of the move. Youll want to ensure that accuracy doesnt suffer while team members are still becoming comfortable with the change.Switching over to an automated financial system can yield significant benefits for your company. It also takes a measure of planning and patience as your staff learns and adjusts. Having a plan in plac e will help ensure your organization benefits from the move and stays in touch with the newest technology.Has your company implemented an automated financial system? Share your experience below.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Its American Business Womens Day; Thrive by Starting a Business You Love

Its American Business Womens Day Thrive by Starting a Business You Love Its American Business Womens Day Thrive by Starting a Business You Love In thinking about American Business Womens Day on September 22, Im filled with gratitude and inspiration. The U.S. certainly has its share of gender inequality, but as a former school teacher turned womens entrepreneurship coach and CEO of my own company, I know it is possible for women to transform theirentrepreneurial visions, aspirations, and energy into reality.And yet, according to a recentTechCrunch article,only 17 percent of new business endeavors have female entrepreneurs at the helm. Women are still in the entrepreneurial minority.Just as women are good for the world of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is good for women. It offers an unprecedented chance to take control ofyur career and tap into yur unique gifts and passions while earning more money and enjoying greater freedom.Many womendream of doing just that, yet wonder Can s omebody like me, with just the spark of an idea, actually start a business and make money?The answer is a resounding yes.However, starting your entrepreneurial journeymay require challenging some of yourcore beliefs. Maybe you were told that work cant be fun or that you have to be realistic about whats possible.Maybe you were encouraged to be nice, to be quiet, to minimize your accomplishments, and to dim your own light.One common core belief I encounter in coaching women entrepreneurs is the idea that a womanmust curb her femininity in order to be successful in business. In the competitive, dog-eat-dog business environment, women must adopt the hard edge, appearance, and mannerisms traditionally exhibited by men to be great workplace leaders and entrepreneurs.The reality is that, as women, our unique feminine qualities can become our greatest business assetsCooperative SpiritWomen are gifted at prioritizing the needs of others. We have an intuitive understanding of how to create me aningful connections and exceptional working relationships with clients and colleagues.This is I what I refer to as a cooperative advantage. The emphasis is on cooperative as opposed to competitive. By prizing collaboration over competition and contribution over greed, women are able to leverage communities and relationships as valuable entrepreneurial resources.Valuing GenerosityAccording to TheHuffington Post,64 percent of donations are made by women, globally speaking. Indeed, women are innately awareof the needs and challenges of our times, and we often feel a deep sense of social responsibility. We have the opportunity to build businesses that champion much-needed social change and give back to our communities.From working with women entrepreneurs for the past decade, Ive found that once our needs and the needs of our families are met, we tend to lose interest in generating more money. When we adopt humanitarian causes or service-based missions above and beyond our immediate cl ient bases, however, we rise above our typical income levels. Now, we have reason to generate more. This positive cycle gives impetus to our entrepreneurial prowess.People-Pleasing TendenciesThroughout history, women have been accused of people-pleasing, avoiding conflict, and perpetually putting others needs before their own. But guess what thesevery qualities are why we now excel in business With a good dose of awareness, we can leverage our people-pleasing tendencies into powerful skills that help us attract clients and keep them.In leveraging our unique feminine qualities, we may not start the same types of businesses as men, and thats okay. Were starting businesses because we want balance between our careers and our families. Were starting businesses because we long to be the masters of our own schedules and we want to express our creativity and our true selves at work. We want to share our deeply innovative gifts with the world. We want to work for ourselves on our own terms without compromising who we are.This, too, is possible. The women Ive worked with have built successful and sustainable businesses on their own terms as authors, health practitioners, consultants, coaches, manufacturers, retailers, real estate agents, day spa owners, healers, clothing designers, aspiring public speakers, restaurant owners, and much more.Through these initiatives, they have claimed their financial freedom and self-determination. Most importantly, they have thrived.This American Business Womens Day, my advice is this Hold onto your idea, believe it is possible, and bring your whole self flaws and feminine qualities included to the table.Sage Lavine is the CEO of Women Rocking Business.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

6 Non-Coding Digital Skills To Boost Your Resume

6 Non-Coding Digital Skills To Boost Your Resume6 Non-Coding Digital Skills To Boost Your ResumeDo you fear the thought of writing a line of code, but are dying to get a foot into the ever-growing tech industry? Fear not.There are many technical skills/software you can master without writing any code.Below are 7 that you can easily learn on your own, further boosting your resume. 01Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Getty / Hero ImagesMany technical positions want employees to be able to analyze data in spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel. Specifically, many tech roles and business intelligence positions call for applicants knowing pivot tables.Pivot tables are used when analyzing data and are often a part of data processing.A pivot table allows you to extract the significance from a large, detailed data set.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

ManageElite Discovers why Management Hates Meetings

ManageElite Discovers why Management Hates Meetings ManageElite Discovers why Management Hates Meetings 44.8 percent of executives and managers said that meetings they attended accomplish nothing 90.4 percent of respondents said that when they ran meetings, they were efficiently run 34.8 percent reported the opposite, that meetings were run efficiently when others chair them 8.9 percent of executives and managers said something was actually accomplished in the most recent set of 10 meetings they had attended.Survey participants also reported on the biggest obstacles blocking productivity and efficiency in meetings 44.7 percent reported protectionist behaviors in meetings designed to protect the interests of select individuals 38.3 percent reported the biggest obstacle was the domination of meetings by only one or two people 34.6 percent reported defensiveness, 31.7 percent blamed internal office politics, and 30.9 percent said its a matter of people being unprepared.Most responden ts (61.6 percent) felt that they attended an appropriate amount of meetings but nearly one quarter (22.4 percent) said they attended too many meetings. The remainder of respondents (16 percent) reported not attending enough meetings. Some additional results from the survey include 61.1 percent of upper management report meetings lasting an hour or mora the average number of people attending meetings was about seven almost 40 percent of meetings were reported to not begin or end on time.

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The Start of Resume Planet Reviews

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